Richard Lewis Roth: Self Portraits

Plus two recent portraits of Ikuko.

Portraiture has had a special interest for me although with limited success doing it. Oneself is a patient model and a subject I like to return to once in a while, a change of pace from the Moops. I'm interested in the portrait work of other artists, especially self portraits.

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Self, 1962,
oil, 30"x 24"
                        Self, 1964,
oil, 30"x 24"
                         Self, 1966
oil, 24"x 30"

Me with This Canvas
in Mirror, 1969, oil, 72"x 48"
                   Me with My Family in Supermarket,
1970, oil,72"x 48"

Self Portrait, 1971,
litho 21"x 16"
       Self Portrait
1971, oil, 29"x 25"
            Self with Mirror,
1991, oil, 15"x 14"

Self, 1998,
oil, 28"x 30"
             Moop 250, 1999,
oil, 24"x 26"
             Self, 2003
oil, 24"x 26"

;             Ikuko with Moop '03, 2003
oil, 24"x 26"
              Ikuko with Moop '04, 2004
oil, 24"x 26"