Earlier Non-landscapes by Ikuko Roth

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Three Graces
by Ikuko,1959, oil, 52"x 68"
Done by Ikuko after three years of private study in Tokyo with the distinguished Ecole de Paris teacher, Taro Ogui.  Three Graces was exhibited in the Shinseisaku Artists' Association annual show of 1959.

Red Insect, 1963,                    
oil, 68"x 68"
Play, 1964, oil, 72"x 72"
Ikuko had come to the United States in 1962 with a Max Beckmann scholarship to the Brooklyn Museum Art School.   Red Insect and Play were completed towards the end of her studies there and exhibited in a one person show in the museum art school's gallery in 1965.

Munch in Ireland
1973, oil, 72"x 60"
                               Enigma of the
          American Election,
          1973, oil, 72"x 60"
Ikuko studied graphics in an MFA program at Florida State University and applied some graphic technique to these works.    In Munch in Ireland she used a repeated photosilkscreen image of British soldiers in Ireland in the background.   In Enigma of the American Election she applied a photosensitive emulsion to the canvas and projected and developed the image of Man Ray's Enigma of Isidore Ducasse, underneath which she collaged paper American flags.