Richard Lewis Roth,
Moop 1, 1974,
mixed media, 48"x 26"

Moop 1 - which inspired the Moop series.
This canvas was intended to be a work (#16) of my then current Paint Thing series. (See Paint Thing 15 in Richard's earlier (preMoop) works). In previous works of the series I had made stripe effects. This time my idea was to make "surrealistic stripes," parallel strings of spontaneous abstract drawing. Then, according to Paint Thing procedure, I would gesso and paint a pattern on the back of the canvas and make some cuts that would allow parts of both surfaces to be exposed when hung unstretched on the wall. But how the "surrealistic stripes" came out intrigued me and I stopped short; I called it a finished work. (My wife Ikuko loudly insisted.) That ended the Paint Thing series, although its ideas still had potential.