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Moop 209, 1987,
mixed media, 52"x74"

       Moop 209 - The Intrinsically Homeostatic Self
full wording: The self, intrinsically homeostatic, starting out as a homeostatic device of the organism, overwhelming the organism, making it a device of the self.

The full statement of the caption is written out in the winding eccentric cursive writing. Fragments of the statement are repeated by the Moop characters. Just my musing about the biological function of the self structure and how it could betray that function. I was thinking of the perils of excess vanity and any form of self destruction.
As for the image itself, I was just trying to make an enjoyable image. However, after the fact, I come to look at it, perhaps in a too grandiose way, as a metaphor for the universe. The large solid Moop shapes would stand for large scale objects such as the stars (or mythological gods), the linear Moop shapes would stand for human scale objects such as living things generally, and the geometric circle stick configuration (which is strictly rule governed) would stand for the atomic or subatomic scale.